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SCANA Tissues  
Scana industrial & hygiene paper products are specially tailor-made to meet the most demanding requirements of a wide variety of applications. They are made from environmentally friendly polypropylene, recycled pulp, pure pulp, or a mixture of those basic materials.

Today, hygiene has become a more relevant issue to businesses with the knowledge that a clean working environment is conducive to increased worker productivity. With the paper wipers branch of the business expanding rapidly, Scana has increased its product mix with a new range of hygiene products.

Imported from large paper mills in Europe, these products are universally suitable for everything from the dining table to the kitchen or washroom. Scana high-quality hygiene products are available in various dimensions and consist of normal serviettes, coloured napkins, handtowels, couch rolls, jumbo toilet rolls and kitchen rolls.

A) Purawipe – Hand towel and Industrial Roll

These 1 ply pure pulp wiping rolls are used generally for hand cleaning, absorption of oil and wiping of grease and dirt. Due to its low lint, good wet strength and high absorbency, it is an excellent substitute for wiping cloth and rags.

B) Puratex – Hand towel and Industrial Roll

Manufactured from 100% recycled waste paper, these 1, 2 & 3 ply wipers are suitable for the cleaning of light and heavy contamination of dirt, grease and oils. Not only is it very economical to use, its softness and high absorbency set new standards for a wide variety of applications including wiping in garages, mopping up spillages, replacing the conventional rags.

C) Puraplus Hand towel & Industrial Roll

These 2 ply wipers manufactured from pure cellulose are suitable for the fast absorption of water, oil, greases and solvents. With its soft and good wet strength characteristics, these products are also used for the cleaning of delicate appliances, wiping of machinery, vehicles and heavy equipment.

D) Hygiene Products

This range of products are made from pure pulp and 100% recycled paper waste and are suitable for any institutions’ needs. They are soft but strong with good wet strength and high absorbency. The whole line of products can be used wherever they are needed most from the kitchen to the washroom or medical room. Available in C & M fold handtowels, general wiping rolls and toilet and medical rolls.
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