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Norchem Chemical  
Norchem Xcell range was specifically created to meet demands of price sensitive customers as a cost effective cleaning alternative for customers who wish to reduce their maintenance costs. 
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  Xcell 22 Rustclean   An economical acidic detergent designed for removing rust stains
  and tarnish from ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  Xcell 23 Metalbrite   An acidic rust remover and metal brightener
  Xcell 52 Cold Electric Cleaner   ‘Slow Dry’ solvent cleaner for motors, generators and other electrical
  Xcell 53 Cold Electric Cleaner   Non-flammable ‘Fast Dry’ solvent cleaner for electrical components
  Xcell 55 Cold Solvent Degreaser  Heavy duty solvent based oil and grease remover
  Xcell 57 Seaclean TK   Superior grade heavy duty tank claner and degreaser
  Xcell 58 Seacare OSR   ‘Low Toxic’ and cost effective solvent-based dispersant
  Xcell 59 Carbon Solv   A powerful carbon remover for stripping carbonized deposits from
  engine parts and other equipment
  Xcell 84 Alkaline Degreaser   A heavy duty water-based cleaner and degreaser
   * Please contact us for more information on our complete range of chemicals.

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