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GUNK Liquid Wrench  
Radiator Specialty Company has been established in 1924 with over 80 years of experience producing high performance chemicals and lubricants. Over the years, the company has manufactured over 2,000 products and expanded into a wide variety of markets including automotive, hardware, marine and international. The range of Grunk and Liquid Wrench penetrants, lubricants and chemicals cleaners are top market performers which contribute a major part of their business distribution.
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  GC-1   Glass Cleaner w/ammonia   19oz/538gm          
  L1-04   Liquid Wrench No.1, Super Penetrant   4oz/118ml          
  L1-12   Liquid Wrench No.1, Super Penetrant   11oz/311ml          
  L1-16   Liquid Wrench, Super Penetrant   16oz/437ml          
  L1-34   Liquid Wrench, Super Penetrant   1gal/3.78ltr          
  L2-12   Liquid Wrench, Super Lubricant   11oz/311gm          
  L6-16   White Lithium Grease   11oz/311gm          
  L7-16   Ind. Chain Lubricant w/Moly   15oz/425gm          
  M2-06/6   Belt Conditioner   6oz/170gm          
  M9-14/6   Silicon Lubricant   11oz/311gm          
  M35-15   Instant Starting Fluid   11oz/311gm          
  NM-1   Electric Motor Cleaner   20oz/556gm          
  NM-11   Engerized Electric Motor Contract Cleaner   11oz/311gm          
  NM-4   Electronic Cleaner   4.5oz/128gm          
  NM-6   Electronic Cleaner   6oz/170gm          
  HDC32   HD Citrus Cleaner & Degreaser   32oz/946ml          
  CTD15   HD Citrus Degreaser (Solvent-Based)   15oz/425gm          
GC-1 L1-04 L1-12
Glass Cleaner w/ammonia Liquid Wrench No.1,
Super Penetrant
Liquid Wrench No.1,
Super Penetrant
L1-16 L1-34 L2-04
Liquid Wrench,
Super Penetrant
Liquid Wrench
Super Penetrant
Super Lubricant
L2-12 L6-16 L7-16
Liquid Wrench
Super Lubricant
White Lithium Grease Ind. Chain Lubricant w/Moly
M2-06/6 M9-14/6 M35-15
Belt Conditioner Silicon Lubricant Instant Starting Fluid
NM-1 NM-11 NM-4
Electric Motor Cleaner Energized Electric Motor
Contract Cleaner
Electronic Cleaner
NM-6 HDC32 CTD15
Electronic Cleaner HD Citrus Cleaner & Degreaser HD Citrus Degreaser

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