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Goldcrest International Singapore Pte Ltd has had over 35 years of experience in the industry dealing with marine and industrial cleaning chemicals. At Goldcrest, we aim to provide quality products and excellent services to our customers. With quality and client commitment as the main core values of the company, we have prospered over the years and have become one of the leaders in the cleaning and maintenance service industry today.

Goldcrest has had humble beginnings. Starting out as a small company in 1976 by marketing marine and industrial chemicals, the company has now expanded to include hygiene and industrial tissues, chemicals and oil absorbents, oil-pollution control products, other petroleum and specialty chemicals. Goldcrest is recognised as the official distributor in Southeast Asia of over 15 brands, offering more than 25 products that provide the best in maintenance and environmental solutions. We have also extended our range of products to include high performance greases, heavy duty industrial storage and flammable safety cabinets.

Goldcrest now owns its own office building and warehouse factories which occupies over 3,500 sq. meters which holds our extensive inventory. This allows sales representatives and warehouse personnel to communicate easily with customers and provide quality service to our valued clients.

One reason for the success of our company is due to the strong network with our suppliers and customers all over the world. With our strong relationship and deep partnership with our suppliers in the US and Europe, we are the established representative of a vast network of manufacturers in this industry. As such we hold substantial market shares in the Far East including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and Philippines.

Goldcrest also cares for the environment and we place special emphasis on green products. As such, quite a substantial proportion of our products deal with pollution management, especially in terms of caring for marine life and the sea.

Goldcrest is dedicated to bring quality products but also a high standard of service to its customers. As such we back up our dedication with the guarantee that all its products are true to specifications. A full refund or replacement will be given if any shortcomings or product defects are ever found.

With this, Goldcrest seeks to be the leader in this industry not only in Singapore, but also in Asia. We are certain that with our core values and professionalism, we are able to continue to provide excellent products and services to its clients.


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