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Norchem Description Application
SC 233 - Separator Cleaner An acidic product containing highly effective emulsifier, solvent and surfactants Cleaning of fuel and lube oil separator discs of oil and carbonized deposits
DA 234 - Inhibited Liquid Descaler A heavy duty inhibited acid descaler Used for cleaning and descaling rust in boilers, condensers, evaporators, heat exchangers, diesel engine cooling system and calorifies, etc.
RS 235 - Rust Stripper A phosphoric acid based rust stains remover and preventive For removing rust from ferrous metal. Leaves a phosphate film as protective and for better paint adhesion.
DA 236 - Descaling Acid An inhibited sulphamic acid based powdered descaler. Fortified with color indicator to show acid strength Used to descale water scale in boilers, condensers, evaporators, heat exchangers, diesel engine cooling system, etc,
MB 237 - Metal Brightener An acid based cleaner and brightener For the cleaning of rust stain’s and tarnish from stainless steel, copper, aluminium, wood, procelain and other ferrous metal.
RP 292 - Rust Preventive An outstanding effective water displacing, non-staining rust preventive Rust preventive on tools, wire, dies, bearing, camshafts, circular saws, gears exposed sliding surfaces of lathe beds and machined parts etc.
RC 293 - Ruscon A blend of organic acid, chelating agents and alcohol, specially created as an effective rust converter Used to convert rust into a black non-tacky protective coat which  prevents the treated parts or surfaces from further rusting and act as an excellent base coat for primer or paint
AP 410 - All Purpose Liquid Detergent An all purpose biodegradable detergent Use as a dishwashing compound and for cleaning kitchens, floors, galleys, cabins and other hard surfaces
RW 412 - Rigwash An alkaline based powdered detergent For the cleaning of soiled rigs, hoists, cranes, derricks, platforms and other  soiled surfaces
EC 564 - Electric Cleaner High flash point solvent cleaner for electrical components For cleaning and degreasing of motors, generators, electrical components, metal parts. Slow evaporation rate,  making it safer to use in a restricted environment.
EC 565 - Electric Cleaner Non-flammable ‘Fast Dry’ solvent cleaner for electrical components For cleaning electrical components such as motors, generators, metal parts , etc. Evaporates completely and leaves no residue.
CPR 566 - Carbon Remover A heavy duty paint and carbon remover Effectively removed carbon, paint and carbonized oils from engine parts, burner tips and barrels, fuel heaters and carburetors.
SD 569 - Solvent Degreaser HD Water emulsifiable solvent degreaser to remove persistant oil-based soils. Use to clean and degrease oily and greases surfaces such as garages, decks, engine rooms, engine parts, etc.
OSD 570 - Oil Spill Dispersant ‘Low Toxic’ biodegradable oil spill dispersant for use on on-shore and off-shore. Use for cleaning and dispersing oil slicks and spills on water, decks, harbours, beaches. Highly effective yet safe and harmless to marine life.
ACC 572 - Air Cooler Cleaner A highly effective and powerful solvent emulsion cleaner. Removal of carbon and oil deposits from air-coolers, heat exchangers, turbocharges and lube oil filters.
QB 577 - Quick Break A biodegradable heavy duty, solvent based degreaser with quick breaking properties Use to clear mineral oil tanks and bilges. Suitable for use as a degreaser to remove oils, greases, and dirt from hard surfaces
TC 588 - Tank Cleaner Water emulsifiable tank cleaner and heavy duty degreaser For cleaning double bottom and deep tanks at sea. Use as a degreaser for decks and engine rooms.
AC 641 - Alkaline Cleaning Compound Concentrated heavy duty biodegradable water-based alkaline cleaner Cleaning of animal and vegetable oil tanks. Excellent product as a degreaser for oil, grease and dirt.
AC 644 - Air-Con Coil Cleaner Extra heavy duty biodegrable alkaline cleaner and degreaser Specially formulated to remove  oil and dirt in air-conditioners’ fin and coil.
AS 666 - Universal Solvent Cleaner A mild acidic concentrated heavy duty degreaser and cleaner. An all round detergent for cleaning and removing grease, dirt and carbonised oils from engine blocks, pipes, burners, fuel heaters, separators and on all washable surfaces. Safe on equipment and personnel.
TK 606 - Turbo-Kleen - Turbo Charger Cleaner A granular hard shell make from walnut Advanced method of removing carbon and dirt from turbo-chargers.
Sol-Sud A concentrated mild alkaline water-based cleaner. Multi-purpose detergent containing effective wetting and emulsifying agents for cleaning oil, dirt and grease from all hard surfaces.
Cosmet - Waterless Hand Cleaner A safe and pleasantly scented cream type heavy duty hand cleaner. Use for removing oil, paint, dirt and grease from hands, arms and machinery.


Copyright, Goldcrest International, All Rights Reserved.



Copyright, Goldcrest International, All Rights Reserved.