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Norchem Chemical  

Norchem products which originated in Norway consist of chemical cleaners and water treatment products. All Norchem products are manufactured under stringent quality controls to ensure optimum performance. Norchem products are commonly used in such applications in the marine, industrial and offshore industries. 

The Norchem range consist of water, acidic solvent and water-based detergents and cleaners, inhibitors, boilers and cooling water treatments as well as many others.

Our Best Sellers include:
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  RS 235 Rust Stripper   A phosphoric acid based rust stains remover and preventive
  RC 293 Ruscon   A blend of organic acid and chelating agents specially created as a
  effective rust converter
  EC 564 Electric Cleaner   High flash point solvent cleaner for electrical components
  EC 565 Electric Cleaner   Non-flammable ‘Fast Dry’ solvent cleaner for electrical components
  SD 569 Solvent Degreaser   Water emulsifiable solvent degreaser to remove the most persistent
  oil-based soils
  OSD 570 Oil Spill Dispersant   ‘Low Toxic’ biodegradable oil spill dispersant for use on onshore and
  TC 588 Tank Cleaner   Highly concentrated water emulsifiable tank and bilge cleaner
  AC 641 Alkaline Cleaning
  Concentrated heavy duty biodegradable cleaner and as an excellent
  RW 642 Rigwash   An economical biodegradable liquid rigwash
  AS 666 Universal Solvent
  An alkaline based degreaser with fortified water dilutable solvents to
  remove the most stubborn oil deposits
  WBC 680 Seaquest   Type 3 concentrated water-based dispersant for use on onshore and
  Solsud   A mild and environmentally friendly water-based multipurpose cleaner
  OSD570-HK   Norchem OSD 570 is a "Low - Toxic" Type 2/3 oil spill dispersant
   * Please contact us for more information on our complete range of chemicals.

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