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FERRYL Anticorrosive Products  

Ferryl has manufactured and sold specialty anticorrosive products in the shipping industry since 1955. Originally a Swedish company, Ferryl is now a family business in the 3rd generation and a brand recognised worldwide for superior quality.

A focus on niche areas not covered by generic products on the market has resulted in a range of unique products in three categories - anticorrosive greases and oils, plastic-like coatings and maintenance chemicals.

Ferryl specialized in specialty anticorrosive oil and greases that offers optimum performance.

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  Ferryl 101   Anti-corrosive wire rope oil
  Ferryl 103   Long-term rust preventive oil
  Ferryl 202   Anticorrosive wire-rope grease
  Ferryl 202 White

  Anticorrosive White wire-rope grease

  Ferry 202 Aluminum

 High-temperature aluminum-based ‘grease-paint’

  Ferryl 401

  Anticorrosive Transparent Coating

  Ferryl 502

  Anticorrosive Fluorescent Coating Ferrycid Rust Removert

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